Google chrome browser free download

Google chrome browser free download
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Google chrome browser free download

Google chrome browser free download. It is a web browser and absolutely free of cost. First version was launched for Microsoft Windows in 2008.  Then later on they’ve launched for almost all operating system like IOS, MAC OS X, LINUX and Android. So, now chrome is available for free for all platforms. Google chrome has Worldwide 62% users according to information provided by Wikipedia. Google chrome latest version.Now let’s talk about the astonishing features of chrome browser.First of all I’m going to discuss the speed of chrome.

Chrome browser is the fastest in speed than any other browser. This browser launches quickly within seconds after hitting the chrome icon. Google chrome uses the most powerful JavaScript engine which helps in launching or running applications rapidly. Google is still working on to improve the speed. Chrome browser is not only fast in just launching but in fetching the information from the database as well.




Whatever you search and type what you are searching for it provides suggestion too and fetch information from their gigantic database within the seconds. Chrome is amazing when it comes to speed. It also loads the pages very quickly as compared to the other browsers. It is powered by Web Kit open source rendering engine and loads pages with high-speed. When it comes to the GUI (graphical user interface), very simple and personally its interface is very attractive for me. Other than speed there are much more features of google chrome facilitate its users. Privacy is major concern these days. It allows users to search or surf the website privately.

You can surf the web privately by just going into Incognito Mode. If choose incognito mode then there will be no trace of your work because it will not be available in search history. It has large number of extension available at Chrome Web Store you can add extensions into your browser and use them. Free download Mozilla Firefox for windows.



Google chrome browser free download latest version for PC

Google chrome also provides safety for their users. Safety and privacy are the major concern in this era of information technology. Chrome has a feature called “Sand boxing” prevents from malware and protects your files and other browsers from crashing and opening tabs. Sandbox also prevents the and monitor the webpage you are opening and getting connected with and watch over it so that webpage cannot inject any malicious  activity in your browser, computer and file as well in case if you are downloading it. Another security feature of Google Chrome is safe-browsing. If the requested page is suspected (malicious, phisher page) then chrome will block that page and will display the warning. Chrome automatically update it so you can enjoy the best security services in the world.

google chrome browser latest version

Google chrome browser free download

Features of Google Chrome browser:

Google chrome has tons of features. Some of them are as follows:

  • Available for Android, IOS, Mac OS X and LINUX.
  • Provides Security and ensure it for their users.
  • Private browsing as privacy is the major concern now a days.
  • Simple and attractive GUI.
  • Fastest in launching.
  • Fastest in fetching the information for database.
  • Lightweight and runs smoothly.
  • Use JavaScript to load pages quickly.
  • Sand-boxing prevents from malware.
  • Safe browsing prevents from malicious and phishing.
  • Update on daily basis to ensure the security for their users.
  • Bounty of extensions available at chrome web store.
  • Smart bookmarking and manageable.
  • And much more.

System requirement for google chrome browser:

Google chrome browser does not need any high specification computer.

Operating system: windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Hard disk space required: 100 MB

Processor: p-iii at least

Google chrome browser technical details:

File Name:

Type of file: Offline installer

File Size:

License: Freeware

Google chrome browser download:

So what are you waiting for? Just hit the download button below and google chrome browser will begin to start!

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